Hi, I'm Michael

Hogwarts drop-out '07 (they
sorted me into Hufflepuff)

Hi, I'm Michael,

Hogwarts drop-out '07 (they sorted me in to Hufflepuff)

Quick Facts

Founder & CEO @ Peersight
An employment marketplace helping job seekers find their ideal colleagues & culture
• Grew organic user acquisition to 2,000 new users/week in 4 months, generating upwards of 1,300 pieces of unique content a week via viral loops
• Supported & learned from an outstanding team of 12 (3 full time)
• Efficiently disproved two key hypotheses :)
Director of Performance Marketing @ CareGuide
A family of marketplaces for care services, including Sitter.com, Housekeeper.com, and Canada's largest child care site: CanadianNanny
• Hired & led a team resposible for profitably scaling paid acquisition from $500K to $7M over the course of two years
19.8x’d cpc partnership revenue & 5.9x’d adwords revenue @ a consistent CPA
• Brought multiple channels from manual to fully-automated

Projects of Note

• Hired and led CareGuide’s performance marketing team, responsible for profitably scaling spend from $500K to $7M annually
• Introduced & twice planned company-wide retreat (CareFest), including the executive planning session
• Led CareGuide’s Culture Crew; developed robust onboarding processes, co-created hiring + promotion rubrics & standardized job descriptions
• Facilitated introductory inclusion workshops, toucing on privilege, equity, intersectionality, and a range of other topics
• Profitably grew Adwords revenue @ CareGuide by 5.9x over 18 months, competing against entrenched competitors with high LTV’s (Care.com, Rover, Handy)
• Wrote macros in Google Scripts to generate 100’s of thousands of exact match single keyword adgroups & automate bidding
• Scaled cpc partnerships channel to 20+ partners, 19.8x’ing revenue over the course of 2 years
• Built models for automated bidding, valuing traffic across vertical, geography, time of day, partner, & other variables
• Grew Peersight’s organic user acquisition to 2,000 new users / week in 4 months using structured data & content aggregation
• Leveraged user generated content to create an SEO flywheel, driving 1,300 content uploads per week
• Created automated systems for high volume keyword analysis & programmatic page generation
• Led CareGuide’s SEO strategy, 3.3x’ing organic acquisition over 16 months
• Built high-granularity dynamic LTV tables for both sides of market across 6 of CareGuide’s verticals
• Quantified paid acquisition halo effects and built robust multi-channel projections
• Leveraged event tracking in Peersight to create alerting & data visualization systems
Fluent in SQL & regex, my university-aged self was rather proficient at R
• Rebuilt CareGuide’s onboarding, lifting conversion rate to user by 19%
• Led a series of pricing experiments, improving rate-of-LTV-acquisition by 12% across multiple domains
• Taught myself ruby to build a series of dynamic landing pages that improved search engine marketing conversion rates by 23%
• Improved mobile conversion to user creation by 3.4x via an AMP redesign
Code & Product
• Have shipped production code seen by 100K+ monthly visitors in Rails & Flask; built simple sites like this one from the ground up :)
• I use Sketch to hack together designs that make people smile.
• Comfortable using Scrapy and Selenium for "content aggregation"